I Salute You, Gunshot Wound Survivors

It was long overdue, but I shot a gun for the first time last week.

Q:  What’s less manly than not shooting anything deadlier than a BB or AirSoft gun in 22 years of existence?

A:  Third-wheeling on a Living Social gun lesson with your sister (Liz) and her boyfriend (Matt G) for your first real shooting experience.

Basically, I would’ve been collecting berries with Michael Cera in Year One instead of shooting mastodons and spearing boars.  Gathering was a respected profession, right..?

There was a VERY brief lesson on gun basics (proper handgun grip, how to load a magazine, etc.) and then we were out on the range, trying to do our best by Jack Bauer.

Per our Living Social deal, we were given a Glock 22 and 50 bullets to have fun with.

Disclaimer:  we were only supposed to shoot at the top and middle row of numbers (4, 2, 6, and 3).  The target was shared between all three of us for 50 shots total.  We started out 15 feet away, and the last 12 shots we had the target set up at 25 feet.

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My two takeaways from this experience were:

  1. Shooting is harder than Hollywood makes it out to be.  Total respect to the dead-eye shooters and snipers of the world.  Maybe one day, Jack.
  2. There is no way someone can survive a close-range (0-15 feet) gunshot wound to the chest.  I have a lot of respect for the power of guns now that I finally shot a real one.

I had a lot of fun (think: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “Gun Fever”) and hope to go again soon, maybe shoot some different guns next time.  MP.

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