Proof of a Higher Power

Have you heard the good news?

The NFL football season kicks off its first game tomorrow night and I can hardly keep it together.  The little piece of me that died last year when the Patriots blew the Super Bowl has been revived, foolishly encouraged by a decent draft and the free agent signing of WR Brandon Lloyd.  I am not alone though; right now, everyone is overly optimistic that their team is going to do big things this season.  Redskins fans are positive they’re going to the Super Bowl and Browns fans think they’ll win more than five games.  I applaud your enthusiasm.

I had a coach who used to say, “You shouldn’t get so worked up over a team you don’t play for.”  And yes, he had a point – it probably isn’t healthy for a person’s mood to be dictated by the outcome of a contest they’re not technically a part of.  But dammit Coach, if only I had remembered to wear my Patriot slipper-socks then they might’ve pulled out that game..!

Another beautiful thing about football season:  girlfriends understand their significant others strange, testosterone-driven obsession with the NFL.  They can even be just as obsessed.  They’re aware and accepting of your weird pre-game rituals and in-game habits (see: yelling at the TV), they know what finding you in the fetal position after the game means, and they’re glad when you go watch the game at your buddy’s house.  Try that same maneuver with the words, “Todd’s having people over at his place to watch the Bobcats play, so I can’t watch Teen Mom with you tonight”, and you’ll get dropped faster than Ochocinco from Hard Knocks.

There really is nothing like football season.  The NBA does an OK job of making you forget the miserable way your team ended its season, but 25 games into the MLB schedule there you are, praying to be hurt again.  The laptop I’m writing this sentence on was given to me in January; since then, I’ve visited the ESPNBoston New England Patriots Blog 987 times.  Apparently I am a glutton for punishment.

Some of us will have our pride and loyalty tested this season, others will be rewarded for their fanaticism; all I can say is thank God it starts tomorrow. MP.

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One thought on “Proof of a Higher Power

  1. Caitlin says:

    For the record:
    -I have never asked you to watch Teen Mom with me.
    -You are correct, I was glad to not to watch the last Super Bowl with you.
    -Remember, not all girlfriends are so accepting of their boyfriend’s football obsession as I am. 😉

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