NFL Week 2 Predictions

Here are my Week 2 picks.  I’ll try posting before the games next week, but you’ll be able to tell that I didn’t make any changes.  I swear I watch football.  MP.

Date & Time              Favorite                  Spread            Underdog

9/16 1:00 ET             At NY Giants               -7                    Tampa Bay

Michael Strahan (ex-Giant) is joining Kelly Ripa as her permanent co-host.  Sooooo, ya – the Giants have momentum.

9/16 1:00 ET             At New England        -13.5                Arizona

Zoltan Mesko (Patriots punter) forgets which foot he kicks the ball with after two straight games of not punting.

9/16 1:00 ET             Minnesota                      -3                    At Indianapolis

Andrew Luck (AKA “The Architect”) questions the structural integrity of “The House That Peyton Built.”

9/16 1:00 ET             New Orleans              -2.5                  At Carolina

Drew Brees’ baby is angry about last week’s loss to the ‘Skins.  Very angry.

9/16 1:00 ET             At Buffalo                       -3                    Kansas City

My one fault is that I’m a Matt Cassell fan.  And I eat way too many M&Ms.

9/16 1:00 ET             At Philadelphia              -2.5                 Baltimore

Ray Lewis says he lost 30 lbs in the offseason.  I’m not sure if the two are connected, but he is also now the prime celebrity endorser of Shake Weight.

9/16 1:00 ET             Oakland                        -2                    At Miami

Both of these teams had awful season openers; since Miami is in the Patriots division, they have my blessing to continue losing.

9/16 1:00 ET             At Cincinnati               -7                    Cleveland

In the “Battle of the Ugliest Team Colors”, the team whose mascot is an endangered species gets the nod.  Ironyyyy.

9/16 1:00 ET             Houston                        -7                    At Jacksonville

Jacksonville lost its dignity last week after Minnesota beat them out.  They are already playing the role of “The Spoiler”, and it’s only Week Two.

9/16 4:05 ET             Dallas                            -3                    At Seattle

As much as it pains me to pick a Romo-led team in any contest, Seattle did lose to Arizona last week.  Arizona.

9/16 4:05 ET             Washington                  -3.5                  At St. Louis

RGIII forgets to wear his lucky socks and plays like he lost his mojo.

9/16 4:25 ET             At Pittsburgh              -5.5                  NY Jets

I still don’t have any confidence in Mark Sanchez, even if he is dating Eva Longoria.

9/16 4:25 ET             At San Diego                -6.5                 Tennessee

The replacement refs rally around Tennessee after blowing many calls last week in the Pats game.

9/16 8:25 ET             At San Francisco       -7                     Detroit

 This is a rematch of the infamous post-game handshake between Jim Schwartz and Harbaugh.  My money’s still on Harbaugh and the Niners.

9/17 8:35 ET             At Atlanta                   -3                     Denver

Atlanta has Asante Samuel now, who has made a living off of Peyton Manning’s interceptions.

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