NFL Week 4 Predictions

Date & Time      Favorite           Spread    Underdog

9/30 1:00 ET        New England     -4            At Buffalo

Belicheck wasn’t wearing his trademark cutoff hoody last game. He won’t make that mistake again.

9/30 1:00 ET        At Detroit           -5            Minnesota

After last week’s loss to Tennessee, Detroit has earned the superlative “Flakiest NFL Team.”

9/30 1:00 ET        At Atlanta             -7            Carolina

Are the Panthers in North or South Carolina?  This is a question that Matt Ryan will ponder the entire game.

9/30 1:00 ET        San Francisco     -4            At NY Jets

Really the deciding factor game is which quarterback is going to underachieve more..?

9/30 1:00 ET        At Kansas City     -1            San Diego

Games like this defy logic, so I’m picking KC because their head coach weighs more.

9/30 1:00 ET        At Houston            -12          Tennessee

Remember when the Titans were the Houston Oilers?  Guess they really were running out ideas for mascots.

9/30 1:00 ET        Seattle                  -2.5        At St. Louis

Is Pete Carroll a better coach than Jeff Fischer? No. But he does have a more talented team.

9/30 4:05 ET        At Arizona            -6.5        Miami

So does Arizona’s offense feel like us fans?  Cheer for their team’s defense, realize they don’t have any control over the game, get up every once in a while to go three-and-out to the bathroom.

9/30 4:05 ET        At Denver             -6.5        Oakland

Bronco’s win because Peyton only throws two interceptions in the first quarter.

9/30 4:05 ET        Cincinnati            -2.5        At Jacksonville

Maurice Jones-Drew refused to partake in “Hug a Ginger” day last year.  Andy Dalton hasn’t forgotten.

9/30 4:25 ET        At Green Bay          -7.5        New Orleans

The Saints hit rock bottom last week losing to the Chiefs; they go to the House of Cheese looking to regain some of their dignity.

9/30 4:25 ET        At Tampa Bay          -3            Washington

If the Skins don’t win this one, the President will evacuate to Mount Weather and Washington will prepare for Armageddon.

9/30 8:30 ET        At Philadelphia    -1.5      NY Giants

Eli Manning likes a band named Technopop Slashfest.  That’s all I got.

10/1 8:35 ET        At Dallas                 -3.5        Chicago

If the game goes into overtime, will Dez Bryant have to sit out because of his midnight curfew..?

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